Sales & Marketing



To top it off, we offer our business partners the flexibility to operate through either of these commercial models:

Sales & Marketing Model

Distribution Model

Given our decades of expertise in the pharmaceutical market, its rules and players, our team is well-versed within and across almost all categories (CVS, Neurology, Oncology, Haematology, Niche products, Genetic diseases & Skincare) , . This all-encompassing, lateral AND vertical perspective of our market puts us at the forefront of the race.

To deliver on our commitments, we optimize the potential commercial value through our professional medical sales team and distribution network.  Our stakeholders include physicians, healthcare facilities, pharmacies and distributors.

This means, through our team we work hand-in-hand with you to devise the promotional strategy, set matching tactics, and lay operational plans to maximize on promotional activities and channel distribution.

We seek to bring those top-tier products to those patients in need and create access/conduit to those research-based/niche pharmaceuticals that are eager for regional market presence but do not want to drill down into the complications of operational structure and its associated costs and are searching for a trusted, reliable and credible local partner that can make that happen.